Almost all factories that produce consumer goods have some impact on the environment because they use natural resources and energy. Collectively they release enormous quantities of carbon dioxide into the air, which is the primary driver of the greenhouse effect. There is only one type of factory in the world that produces without polluting: the tree. The tree manufactures wood, and it works by exploiting solar energy, carbon dioxide and nothing else. Its only waste product is oxygen, which is indispensable for our survival.

Conscious of the enormous value of trees, Valcucine has launched its own large-scale reforestation projects. The trees planted transform the carbon dioxide created by industrial production into oxygen, while the wood used to make furniture is replaced, thus reducing the enormous debt to the environment that man has accumulated to the detriment of our planet. Valcucine promotes and finances Bioforest, the association for the regeneration of natural environments. It has implemented two projects for the reforestation and protection of the biodiversity in Ecuador and Italy, called “Operazione Otonga” and “Progetto Vinchiaruzzo”, respectively.

It has also created “Progetto Occhione”, an environmental education project for middle-school youths in the Italian province of Pordenone. The initiative includes the construction of a nature laboratory and a nursery of native species that are subsequently planted on land made available by Bioforest.